Pro-Lam 244WF 44 inch Wide Format Roll Mounting Laminator with Stand ( HARISEFENDI )
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Description Pro-Lam 244WF 44 inch Wide Format Roll Mounting Laminator with Stand ( HARISEFENDI )

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Product Description

The Pro-Lam PL-244WF 44" Wide Format Roll Laminator is a feature rich high performance roll laminator ideal laminating large and wide format output. Made-in-the-USA the PL244WF roll laminator is a durably built commercial laminator with a 44 inch wide laminating width capacity utilizing laminating films from less than 1 mil to 10 mil in thickness.

The Pro-Lam PL-244WF 44" Wide Format Roll Laminator is a high performance commercial roll laminator that is made in the USA! Designed specifically for mounting and laminating wide format output the PL244WF roll laminator laminates polyester, nylon, vinyl, polypropylene and plastic films.

REVOLUTION SERIES HEATED ROLLERS: Our patented heated rollers are the heart of the laminating process and your key to flawless, scratch free and consistent lamination. With a less than 5 min. warm up time, your energy savings will be substantial while allowing you to serve your customers more promptly---turn it on, run your job and shut it down. This proven technology results in the same superb performance and quality of finish, from our commercial 12" desktop laminator right up to our industrial 60" wide-format machines.

VERSATILITY: Laminate hot or cold, one or two side, 1 to 10 mil. Laminate and/or mount on foam-board or similar substrates. Expect plenty of heat to be available when mounting on heat-activated board. Accessories include 3" mandrels, liner take-up kit, and stands.

USER-FRIENDLY: Every machine we make is designed to be as easy and straightforward to operate and maintain as possible. We avoid the use of superfluous 'bells and whistles' as they just add to the cost of a machine while offering precious little in the form of functionality and more often than not are the cause of expensive repairs down the road. If you pay attention to a few simple rules and maintenance procedures you will have a lot of happy customers, a fatter bank account and a fine machine ready and capable of giving flawless, trouble free service for years to come.

Min/Max Film Thickness
1.5 - 10 mil
Core Size
Reverse Switch
Speed (Feet per Minute)
Adjustable Speed Control
Adjustable Temperature
Ready Light
Safety Shield
Feed Table Safety Switch
Key Lock
Built-in Horizontal Trimmer
Moving Idler Bar
Mounting Capability
Mounting Thickness in Inches
Electrical Requirements
Machine Dimensions
55" x 20" x 16"
170 lbs
Shipping Weight
200 lbs
Mounting Capability
Pro Lam
Units Per Parcel
Country Of Origin
Free Shipping
Package Type
90 Days


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